Welcome to Scenes from the Bluffs Historical Museum

Learn about Bluff City’s rich history and gain an appreciation of how this area of Tennessee evolved through the early days of Indian settlements, the bravery of frontier homesteaders, the call to arms brought by the Revolutionary War and Civil War, and the progression into the modern day community we now enjoy. Follow along the time line of these events as you travel through the collection of artifacts, photographs, and narratives that on display in our museum.

History of the Museum

When the Bluff City Middle School closed in 2019, an interest in re-purposing the building into a facility to serve community needs was envisioned. With its large number of classrooms and athletic features, it was seen as an opportunity to bring in many non-profit organizations to perpetuate, promote and celebrate who we are. The museum is located in the stone-faced building that had served the school through the years to foster vocational, musical and science skills of the students.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of our region. Furthermore, we place great emphasis on the museum as being an educational and learning experience for our younger audience.

Our Vision

To create recognition of the role that our Bluff City environs has had in history and to share these experiences with all people in the region and those who visit with us.

Scenes from the Bluffs